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  • New Win10 beta build ships

    Posted on January 9th, 2017 at 12:22 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    I’m installing build 15002 right now.

    Full write-up in InfoWorld in the morning. Any interesting observations most welcome!

    I’m particularly interested in seeing if the new Settings app’s “Delay Upgrades” setting is any different from the old (version 1607) GPedit setting.

    Lots of new stuff in the official announcement.

    I really like this one:

    Based on your feedback, we’ve added the “Set as metered connection” option to the Ethernet (LAN) connections in Settings > Network & Internet > Ethernet. Just like mobile broadband and Wi-Fi connections, this option helps you to restrict background data usage from some applications and gives you more control over how data is used over the Ethernet connection.

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      Da Boss

      I’m installing build 15002 right now. Full write-up in InfoWorld in the morning. Any interesting observations most welcome! I’m particularly intereste
      [See the full post at: New Win10 beta build ships]

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      18 months late, Microsoft finally discovers that it’s WAN connections that may be metered, not LAN connections.

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      Bill C.

      Maybe this will finally be the Win10 for me!!! They will have a GSOD or Green Screen of Death instead of the old blue BSOD.

      Now THAT is change that is good for us! Never mind the user controls, just change the drapes!

      Color me Win7-64 Pro SP1 until this foolish race for “improvements” slows. Funny, I never met a user that disliked the color of the BSOD…, the obscure terms – YES, the underlying fault – YES, but the actual color…, I must have missed that rant.

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      Da Boss

      … and the BSOD is a GSOD only on Insider (beta) builds.

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      Da Boss

      We get metering for both Ethernet and WiFi connections.

      If it works right, it’s a godsend.

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      Bill C.

      I missed that small detail… So no new green drapes for me if I go Win10.

      I guess the other details like the metered connection additions are a step forward. The article did say ‘this option helps you to restrict background data usage from some applications and gives you more control over how data is used over the Ethernet connection.’ However the devil will be in the details of which data, which apps, how you stop it, etc. I doubt it will be the telemetry.

      It appears to be more personalized with settings, but hopefully those setting will now stick through an update.

      I do like the ability to stop driver updates, but it is only on Pro and above. I have to read again the section on data protection.

      Give me a true OFF for Cortana, and allow for a more desktop feel, and I would consider trying Win10, but only off my home network with its own internet access. And this is more to get some of the new hardware features coming out.

      I usually drift by the Win10 posts, but I will check more to see if there are real improvements for us desktop users.

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      Well interesting but not really “earth shattering” must have release. “the school project” that is Edge seems to have got flashier but not reading much, save the Adobe flash option, to rehabilitate its battered reputation. Web payments easier to shop but ultimately still risky as ever and I still have reservations about online purchases never mind leaving the details on my “laptop.” The Chinese “Pin-yin” is interesting. It shows probably where the market is leading M$ as for me I only know the character for “exit” and thats good enough, but in the future I may be able to type it in here lol. Metered Ethernet is an interesting development (but already out there as a tweak) an easy solution to update woes for the Home user perhaps? Alas they are denied any chance to defer updates as do “Pro” and above. Of interest is the VM machine App but your probably going to have to go “under the hood” to configure it, a daunting prospect for the un-initiated. Hmm “Blue light” sounds good but if your flying “long haul” in “cattle class” its likely to be your elbows keeping your neighbour awake rather then the glare as you attempt to type in a “postage stamp space.” The installation options sound an area of concern, as to will they lengthen install/deployment. Finally GPOL settings will they be further “emasculated?”. Some sarcastic comments but after all this its only an “indsider” offering and it isnt “written in stone” yet, and “like a moth to the flame” i’ll probably give it a try in a VHD should it appear in Jan Krohn’s “Cambodian connection” 🙂

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      C’mon, its well within the us corp clture of never addressing the problems, only the looks.

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      Woody, if Windows 10 is the be-all, last-ever operating system why are there these ever increasing numbers of ‘builds’?
      I can understand the Home and Professional versions in the past, but these shifting numbers do nothing but confuse ‘basic-know-enough-to-drive-the-thing’ users. Are they the equivalent of the Service Packs in XP, Vista, Win 7 et al?

      PS..thanks for the past 18 months. I have absorbed enough knowledge to stay Win10 free and successfully update via your Group B methods..
      Best Wishes

    • #13669 Reply

      Da Boss

      Yep, the various flavors of Win10 are roughly equivalent to Service Packs, and version updates.

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      I swear that if Microsoft ran an ER, they’d treat the critically ill by giving haircuts, changes of clothes, and pedicures.

      Woody, an off-topic thought about this “last version of Windows ever”… if/when Microsoft has another Windows 8 moment and radically changes the Windows 10 UI and users dislike it, they (the users) will have to suffer it.

      No more avoiding it by just sticking with their current version like folks did when Windows 8 and 10 were released.

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      @ Anna ……. Win 10 Insiders r alpha-testers who hv been issued TEST-Builds since Aug 2016 until a finalized Build will be released in April 2017 as the Creators Update or Win 10 Version 1703/1704 or Build 15xxx.

      So far, we had Win 10 Version 1507(released on 29 July 2015) or RTM Build 10240, Win 10 1511 or Build 10586(Nov 2015) n Win 10 1607 or Build 14393(02 Aug 2016).
      ……. These Win 10 Versions are more like new OS, n not Service Packs, bc every Version upgrade require a download of about 3GB (for 32bit), which is the same size as a Win 10 iso file that is used to do a clean install of Win 10. Cumulative updates in Win 10 r more like monthly SP’s.

      So, instead of the previous Win XP-Win Vista-Win 7-Win 8, we now hv Win 10 v.1507-v.1511-v.1607-and so on. With the former 3-yr upgrade cycle, M$ made quite a lot of money from Windows license sales. What about the latter 6-to-9-months upgrade cycle.?
      M$ hv stated that Win 10 is the last version of Windows, ie there won’t be any Win 11 or Win 12.
      ……. Presently, Win 10 Ent E3 is available for subscription at US$7 per month per user/employee. The $6 million dollar question is, will Win 10 consumers be able to continue to use Win 10 for free for the next few years and/or after its EOL in 2025.?

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      Because they make it up as they go – there is nobody left who knows to conceptualize and design an os @ms.

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      Da Boss


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      I see the big updates like snniversary update and creator updaye as new windows and not service packs because as messager said they are huge downloads and they behave like upgrades. when tou do them, some things might stop working like printers you need to reinstall and settings you took time to make might be reset to the defaults you might not want at all.

      So, to me, instead of having to check everything that changed in Windows every three year, I have to check every few months. And the value proposition is quite low to me. Windows 10 certainly don’t make me more productive overall. if it was mostly under the hood useful developments, maybe it would be nice, but right now, I just fear there will be more bloat coming in, like the least wanted feature in the business world that is paint 3d. Come on. Imagine a meeting at Microsoft where they are wondering what businesses would like in the next version of Windows. Someone says Paint 3D! Genius! It is like a scene from The office. They put Ryan in charge at Microsoft.

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