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  • Three obnoxious Win7/8.1 updates return, plus two warmed-over patches, KB 3138612 and 3138615

    Posted on March 2nd, 2016 at 14:13 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    KB 2952664, KB 2976978, KB 2977759, KB 3138612 and KB 3138615 all basically useless.

    InfoWorld Woody on Windows

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    Home Forums Three obnoxious Win7/8.1 updates return, plus two warmed-over patches, KB 3138612 and 3138615

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      Da Boss

      KB 2952664, KB 2976978, KB 2977759, KB 3138612 and KB 3138615 all basically useless. InfoWorld Woody on Windows
      [See the full post at: Three obnoxious Win7/8.1 updates return, plus two warmed-over patches, KB 3138612 and 3138615]

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      AskWoody Lounger

      With fingers crossed, I installed 3138612. My Win7 notebook has been taking 6+ hours to check for updates, and another 4-6 hours to install them (I typically keep my WU set to “Never check for updates” until Woody calls “Defcon3” or better). ‘Course, it’ll be a month or more before I know if 3138612 made any difference or not…

      HONK if you've never seen a gun fired from a moving HARLEY!
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      Just to warn people. I am running Windows 7 with SP1. I am also running GWX Control Panel Monitor in the background. Imagine my surprise when I checked the installed updates for Windows 7 the old friend KB2952664 was installed as of today March 3, 2016. I immediately tried to uninstall the update. I did not install the update on March 3, 2016. Everytime Microsoft sends me that update I directly go and hide the update. I have 2 copies in my hidden update section. Even though I have uninstalled the update the next time I try to check the updates for Windows, it is sitting there. I did install the optional updates KB3138615. I am wondering if installing those other optional updates installed also KB2952664.

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      Tom Drake

      I also seem like Roger to have been given this update even though I hid it. I used GWX control panel and got rid of the thing but I do seem to have been “updated” regardless of my hiding the update.

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      GWX Control Panel does not stop updates from installing. It only monitors. So it’s not going to keep you from getting Win10 related updates.

      You should have your updates set to “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.” That way they don’t get downloaded in the first place until you check them.

      You should not be installing unchecked “optional” updates. Everything under “optional” should be unchecked or remain unchecked.

      MS has been staging the recommended updates through “optionals,” usually unchecked. A couple of days before Patch Tuesday they disappear from the “optional” list and reappear in the “Important” list when updates are released.

      I have found, since the last of 2015, that if KB2952664 gets installed, you cannot uninstall it.

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      I ran Windows Update on two Win7 machines this morning. KB2952664 reappeared in the list of available updates on both computers. On both, it appeared in the list of available updates twice, once in italics and once in the normal font. It was the only update that appeared twice in the list.

      After running WU, I checked Installed Updates.
      I have accepted only Security Updates and the Malicious Software Removal Tool since September, and both computers have had GWX Control Panel installed since October. Yet somehow KB2952664 managed to reinstall itself on the right hand computer on December 1.

      After this morning’s Windows Update on the left hand computer, the Installed Updates list showed that KB3141092, a non-security Windows Update, had been installed today.

      It seems that WU now has a mind of its own.

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      Correction and addendum: I want to be more specific about the right hand computer. I checked the Installed Updates BEFORE running WU and that was when I discovered that KB2952664 had reinstalled itself on December 1. AFTER running WU on this computer, I also found that KB2952664 had been installed even though I made sure that it was not checked, and was hidden, before running WU.

      A little online research suggests that KB3141092 piggybacks on Security Update KB3134814.

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      As discussed below, I uninstalled KB2952664 this morning. I just rebooted the computer to see if it reappeared in the Installed Updates list. It did not.

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      I am confused.

      GWX Control Panel does not stop Windows updates. It does not protect you from getting the ones you don’t want. It only MONITORS.

      Patch Tues. is not until the Mar. 8th. Why are people running Windows Update now?

      KB2952664 on all of my computers, even the test one running the GWX app 24/7 asking for trouble, is currently unchecked in the “optional” list. It has been reissued 18 or 19 times. Each new version has to be re-hidden. But the current pending version has not been moved from the unchecked “optional” to the checked “important” list – YET. That will probably occur a day or two before Patch Tues.

      If you are set with “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install,” the update may be in the list, but is not downloaded to the computer until you choose “Install updates.”

      How is this happening?
      Unless you have the Updates set to “Automatically update” or “Download and let me choose when to update”

    • #46648 Reply

      Da Boss

      You’re confused because it’s confusing.

      You have to think of these settings as being independent. “Optional” and “Important” are independent, as you have noted. “Checked” and “Not Checked” are independent, as well – checked items are installed when Windows Update is run. “Hidden” items are, from time to time, changed to “Visible” (= not “Hidden”) apparently at Microsoft’s whim.

      Microsoft can, through Windows Update, change an Optional update into an Important one, and vice-versa. It can change checked update into a not checked one, and vice-versa.

      GWX Control Panel runs independently of all of it.

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      Checked WU and noticed that some of my hidden updates had disappeared (amongst which kb2952664 and kb3035583). KB2952664 was offered again, so I hid it again. Was not sure if 3035583 was offered again (it has been a long day), but if it was, I rehid it ( have hidden updates written on a piece of paper to be able to check). After hiding some more updates I checked hidden updates again, to find 2x 2952664 and 2×3035583. Ohh, don’t you just love MS? Keeping us nicely on our toes all the time 🙂

    • #46650 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      KB3141092 only gets installed along with KB3134814 if you use Win7 + IE11.

    • #46651 Reply


      In my case, both computers have been set to “Never Check for Updates” since last fall. So, I am asking the same question–how could KB2952664 have installed itself December 1? And this morning, right after I carefully inspected the available updates to exclude anything that wasn’t a Security Update?

      My only guess is that it’s piggybacking on Security Update.

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      “If you are set with “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install,” the update may be in the list, but is not downloaded to the computer until you choose “Install updates.””

      I am with you on this…I believe the culprit here is the setting “Download and let me choose when to update”. Once a user downloads, control of the KB2952664 update [and possibly other updates] is out of the user’s hands.

      It’s something that needs to be clarified, has been clarified, but some people are just not getting it.

      In effect, it’s a MS “end run” around the casual user who doesn’t quite understand that allowing the updates to be downloaded first, before you choose to install, gives away some of the users control over individual updates and what finally gets installed.

    • #46653 Reply


      Regarding KB3138612 as a purely “Optional” update (not “Recommended” nor “Important”), on what basis does someone make a choice to install when the Microsoft article merely says “makes some improvements”? Improvements? – like what? I understand Microsoft wants folks to install the “Important” and “Recommended” updates so Microsoft does not supply details on those updates, but what purpose is served by Microsoft offering purely “Optional” updates having no detailed information? Is the thinking that folks are going to randomly install “Optional” updates without any real reason provided by Microsoft. It seems like that borders on the totally absurd.

    • #46654 Reply


      ““Hidden” items are, from time to time, changed to “Visible” (= not “Hidden”) apparently at Microsoft’s whim.”

      I’ve been told elsewhere that that is because a “new version” has been released. I can imagine that to be true, but it begs the question of whether the “new version” is actually any different from the previous version other than in respect of a changed version number which MS have given it solely to enable it to be imposed on our systems.

      All this also begs the question of whether there really is no technology journalist able to get an interview with someone senior at MS in order to ask some serious questions about the strong-arm tactics they’re employing over the upgrading to Windows 10?

      I fully understand your situation, Woody, but surely there must be someone who can either get an interview or else give a lot of seriously adverse publicity to the refusal of MS to discuss these things and meet their customers’ concerns.

      It’s as if MS truly are a law unto themselves and immune to all criticism, which I don’t believe to be the case. Or is it that there’s simply no-one willing to stand up to them? Not even the editors of the recognised trade magazines or even MS’s own MVPs? I find the whole industry’s apparent impotence over these issues extremely frustrating.

    • #46655 Reply

      Da Boss

      You’d have to look hard to find any journalist or MVP who condones the GWX effort. Many seem to tolerate it. I don’t – but then again I’m not on Microsoft’s Christmas card list anyway.

    • #46656 Reply


      I never installed KB2952664. I have the updates set for notify but let me choose to download and install. That KB2952664 is loaded in my computer with an install date of 3/3/16. I did not install the update. In my hidden update file I have 2 versions of KB2952664. WU seems to have a mind of its own. Any ideas of how to get rid of it. I have tried uninstalling it and rebooting to no avail.

      Thanks in advance for your help.

    • #46657 Reply

      Robert Wilson

      As previously mentioned here, my patience was exhausted some time ago. Windows Updates is disabled on all my Windows 7 SP 1 systems while I begin my leisurely migration to Apple. While I was still trying to keep up with Microsoft, however, I employed a simple device to guard against unintended consequences of the update process. After having been forced by Microsoft to rebuild one of my systems from scratch, I implemented a practice of regularly creating and archiving image backups of the system disks. If a system should be compromised by Microsoft, I simply restored from the system image. Significant work perhaps but much better than rebuilding from scratch.

    • #46658 Reply


      I agree that creating system images is far away the best approach to safeguarding not only your data but also the software. I have relied on the restore from a system image on more than one occasion to get back to a stable point after an errant software update – including those from Microsoft Windows Update.

    • #46659 Reply


      If you download the cumulative IE update from Microsoft’s website, KB3134814 and KB3141092 are in their own separate files. The first is 28.1 MB; the second is 16.7 MB. Presumably, this gives you the option of installing one without the other. I haven’t tried it yet, so I’m not totally certain of that.

    • #46660 Reply


      Run command prompt as admin, insert: wusa /uninstall /kb:3141092 /norestart
      After uninstalling KB3141092 run Windows Update, it will show an important update as KB3134814 but it’s actually KB3141092 again. Right click and hide it. The size gives it away. The real KB3134814 is larger. Also, if you download KB3134814 manually and try to install it, it will say it’s already installed. No need for an Enterprise Mode hotfix if you never ever use Enterprise Mode.

    • #46661 Reply


      I do use IE11 alongside Firefox on the left hand computer where KB3141092 was installed even though I had not chosen it. KB3134814 heads the list of Security Updates installed the same day. Thank you–it’s helpful to know that IE11 is the trigger. I’ve been meaning to replace it, but I want the replacement to be something other than Firefox, which I use for other purposes. Chrome seems to be the main alternative, but I need to investigate to what extent it serves as Google spyware.

    • #46662 Reply


      If at any time KB2952664 has been installed I have found it is often not possible to remove in the normal way via the installed updates section of Windows Updates. It leaves behind multiple copies of its re-installation files in several places on the system and re-installs itself at system reboot.

      In order to remove it you have to use the search option for all files marked with “KB2952664” then delete them all. As far as I remember they are in 3 or 4 separate locations but for 1 or sometimes 2 locations these files cannot be deleted unless you alter the permissions of the folders that they reside in. Even as an admin this is not possible. As far as I can recall it was TrustedInstaller ONLY that had full ownership and access to these folders.

      The solution was to edit the security properties of the folders so as to take ownership of them either for all administrators or just your own username as an administrator, then give full permission access to your admin account.

      Then the offending KB2952664 files could be deleted from the list in search. Afterwards it is advisable to remove the admin user privileges and return the folder ownership to as it was previously.

      In addition I scoured the registry for all entries of KB2952664 also and removed them. In the same way it took on a couple of occasions permissions needed to be altered in there to enable the delete ion of certain reg entries.

      I think though that removing all the re-installation files was enough to stop it re-installing KB2952664 on reboot. Very tedious I know but it was the ONLY way i found to rid Windows 7 systems of KB2952664 once it had already been installed.

    • #46663 Reply


      Oh and I fully believe that M$ is actually intentionally slowing down the Windows Update check as well as the install times for Windows 7 users as a means for us ti install some of these updates and to encourage us to install Windows 10 with all its associated spyware and monitoring extras.

      Why on earth should it take over an hour to check for just a few updates and several hours to download say 200MB of data, when on a fast 50Meg cable broadband?

      This is all part of the plan and it needs to be exposed as to what they are doing.

    • #46664 Reply

      Darcia J.

      Reading your forum today I am seeing the light.
      This is the wife’s PC for her Bernina sew/Embroidery Software (Very $$ ). It has not been used since 6/2014.
      when I started it up all (H) broke loose to check it out for her. ( Win.Updates,Hp,Updates and so on).
      When it was last used the (Caps.Lock) was always on after boot-up and could not be turned off unless you used an external keyboard and then they would stay off.That’s what I was going to fix when all (H) broke loose. In trying to find a fix I finally installed GWX and ran the Prog. Now I find the HP updates and drivers cannot install properly it seems.
      Yesterday the left shift key quit Cap. the letter z and the right shift key quit cap.the letter q.
      If the shift is held down and the letter and you release the shift the letter will look like this,
      Zz, It will cap.only when the shift is released. I checked the component services and found allot of errors,warnings Etc.showing the updates were trying to be installed while typing. This PC was only used for her sewing and basically is a new clean machine and was solely for her sewing.
      She has all of the backups but too time consuming.
      It is a HP Pav. dv.7-7023cl win.7X64
      Now it looks like MS is going to crash it.
      Probably should have looked into LINUX.SYS.
      And yes the KB295664 is installed and was done before GWX was installed when first fired up.
      If you could help us it would be much appreciated if any of you have any suggestions or help?
      I Like My Shovel (Razorback #2)! Because it Never Needs Updated!Just works when needed.
      Darica J.

    • #46665 Reply

      Da Boss

      GWX Control Panel wouldn’t have any effect on cap keys. Most likely you have a hardware problem.

      When you say the updates won’t install properly – could you tell me what you’re trying to do, and exactly what happens?

    • #46666 Reply


      I have had the same problem and I don’t think it’s ever really being deinstalled. It resides in your computer. I say this because mine was reinstalling itself immediately after I deinstalled it, even though I had my WU set to never check for updates; in fact, even if I was NOT ON LINE. I intend to make another attempt to get rid of by removing all associated files the way lucid says below, but for the moment I’m just ignoring it. GWX Control Panel isn’t reacting to it (which intrigues me, actually; why isn’t it?)

    • #46667 Reply

      Darcia J.

      When a HP update is installed it down loads and installs.
      After you recheck it it has the same update needed and you reinstall it as I did three times and gave up.I believe it is there but not sure because HP solution center never operated this way before on this PC. before it was put away. As I said this was in a hard case and off for a quite while. So I know it is not dirty or keys sticking, settings, because nothing was ever changed or added other than M.U. and my Bernina Software.I just find it funny that the Cap. Q,Z just quit working as mention before.
      I Checked for driver updates all,Ok.
      Checked the windows security and found it said windows search for driver updates when searching for windows update is turn off. I have it set like GWX said to do and left it and check for updates when I have time. I know GWX has nothing to with my issues I was just wondering if I fat finger a key command that I cannot find on the web that caused the Q,Z not to work. The cap locks we can shut them with a remote keyboard Or Sharp Keys.
      The onscreen keyboard works fine but will not if the system boots up with the caps. lock on.
      I am just scared of what is going on.I don’t want to put any more $$ or time in this system if is going to fail on me in class this summer that I am taking for for my sewing machine. All I can say is thanks, M.S. for all of your non support and for a machine I thought was supported until 2020.
      To also give a heads up the Bernina software on this has been updated from Ver. 3 through 7 and every time it is updated 1 Ver. you have a (Dongle) that has to be in this P.C. in order to access the software.When updated to a newer version it fries the previous Dongle. So the earlier software and disk are no good any more. Google a Bernina (880) sewing machine and you will see why I am Afraid. That’s why I don’t want to wipe the system. I was careful what was put on it and nobody else using it.I Have AVG and C,cleaner installed and they find nothing. This PC is a 2012
      Well thanks, again and if you can think of anything else, please let me know.
      Darcia J.

    • #46668 Reply


      The Control Panel isn’t “reacting to it” because it has already taken the necessary actions to disable the GWX threats the update brought with it.

      The update itself isn’t causing any harm just being there, it’s the payload it brought with it that was a threat. The Control Panel has already disabled that threat therefore it has no reason to “react to it” anymore.

      As long as the Control Panel is stating “you appear to be safe”… what benefit do you believe you will gain by going through all of that work to remove an update that’s no longer causing you any GWX grief?

    • #46669 Reply

      Da Boss

      Only thing I can think of is the HP installation software. Have you tried talking to HP?

    • #46670 Reply

      Darcia J.

      Yes I have and was told to uninstall the keyboard drivers and power the system down remove the all of the power sources and push the power button. Hook everything back up and restart it and push the F11 on boot-up. Find PS2 keyboard drivers F5-F6 and reinstall them. They also said do a a system hard boot.Am I going to lose everything?For the first time boot-up is “very” slow. Was not like this before! The Warr.Exp.12/21/14
      Do you know if the procedures listed above will work?Or will everything have to be reinstalled?
      I am trying to find the HP update Installations.To see if they installed or not. I could send you the stored error Mes.reports if that helps.I going to look for more creditable forums sites,Like Yours to get the Message out! It’s just not Industries, Businesses, Gamer’s, Schools that are affected! It’s all of us small people too.

    • #46671 Reply

      Da Boss

      None of the procedures you describe will reset your computer – you won’t have to reinstall anything.

      I’d have to defer to HP on this one. I really don’t know what kind of problems they’re facing.

    • #46672 Reply

      Darcia J.

      Woody,I was checking into the log events and found that updates were trying or were installed on dates that I can prove that it was in storage and not plugged in.One of the events was on 11/28/14 T.Day.
      There are all kinds of log events throughout the time in storage.
      Automatic U.D. were on at that time.looks like it was trying to run with it’s battery until it got weak?
      Can updates be installed and then next time the unit is booted it’s initialized into OS? If I were to wipe the SYS. Reinstall it, How do I get and install the proper drivers, updates, printers,so they work properly without getting W.10 on their backs? or is there an easy way to uninstall the W 10 updates without removing the one’s needed? Without having to look up all that were installed and what their for?
      I am in contact with HP, Will get back,
      Thanks Again, D.J.

    • #46673 Reply

      Darcia J.

      HP Will help in replacing the laptop but only in W.10
      Just to let you know we tried a external keyboard and everything would work in Win. My husband shut the PC down,installed USB stick with A Linux- Program. Started the PC, Linux booted, and NO MS. WIN. Went to the keyboard layout,Tested it,found the keyboard is failing with Tab. button. I’ll get fixed but how do I stop these upgrades? or get rid of the ones installed?
      I read and copied your front page about what’s to come today, Should I do it or is it too late? After the others are already installed?
      TOO LATE?
      Thank you,All Again,

    • #46674 Reply

      Da Boss

      Sounds like you want the upgrades – which is to say that your problem is, at its root, a hardware problem.

      Any reason to believe otherwise?

    • #46675 Reply

      Darcia J.

      No I don’t want W.10! The software for my sewing machine was made for and recommended for W.7 By Bernina.
      I Am just asking how do I get rid of any W.10 that has auto loaded on this laptop? How do I know when HP Updates or others that are needed when provided by M.S. are for it and not W.10 ?

    • #46676 Reply

      Da Boss

      Ah, that’s easy. Run GWX Control Panel. It’ll get rid of all the Windows 10 upgrade junk.


      As long as you’re running Win7, you won’t get any of the updates for Win10. You may get updates that try to get you to install Win10, but as long as you haven’t taken Microsoft up on the offer, you’re fine.

    • #46677 Reply

      Jim in Yakima

      GWX CP is currently v1.7.2.0, 1/24/16.

      Will it catch KB3146449, part of today’s CSU, an update that attaches itself to IE11?

    • #46678 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      As of March 8 (March’s Patch Tuesday), Windows Update has just classified the KB3138612 & KB3138615 updates as IMPORTANT updates and longer “Optional” updates.

    • #46679 Reply

      Da Boss

      Not sure. I’ll write to Josh and find out.

    • #46680 Reply


      Hi Woody!
      Thanks for all your expertise! I am a very average user, Windows 7. I have the GWX, with monitor active. I barely understand it all I just know that GWX keeps me from ugrading to windows 10, I am happy with windows 7.

      In one of the above comments, it is mentioned that the cumulative security update to IE 11 for win 7 is associated with windows 10. The update is KB3139929.

      I have IE. Should I check this update or hide it? Will it download windows 10 data? If it is not associated with win 10, I am ok with it, I suppose.

      Any advice is appreciated & thanks again for all your help 🙂

    • #46681 Reply

      Da Boss

      We’re still at MS-DEFCON 2, so don’t install anything!

      I’m researching that exact problem right now. Hope to have some answers soon.

    • #46682 Reply


      Ok, got the brakes on! Thank you 🙂

    • #46683 Reply

      Jim in Yakima

      Installed 18 of the 19 updates presented today (as posted in the MS DEFCON 2 thread) on both Win 7 Ultimate x64 desktops, leaving out KB3139929. No evidence of unwanted guests.

      Laptop (Win 7 Home x64) is next. Anticipate the same result.

    • #46684 Reply


      I went all wild and crazy pantsdown-cowboy and installed KB3139929. After a restart I was looking for KB3146449 to remove it, to my surprise it was nowhere to be found. So, either it didn’t like my system OR it’s hardcoded into KB3139929 and can’t be removed. Not playing this game, so I restored my system to before installing KB3139929 and now it’s hidden and will never be installed. I don’t use IE for anything anyway, and Redmond Satans can recommend it until they’re blue in the face. Not gonna happen. They reached a new low today. Will be fun to read technews later on today, recommending people not to update Internet Explorer because it’s boobytrapped. Redmond will of course say it was a mistake and will never happen again. This cat and mouse game is beyond ridiculous now, Windows 7 doesn’t need any more plumbing or assistance to downgrade to Windows 10. By now, 7 users KNOW if they want that new steaming pile of joke OS or not, so just give a simple option: Download and install Windows 10, yes or no? And a little checkbox saying “don’t ask again” in the horrible scenario someone might actually click NO. You listen up Redmond, you FAILED your Windows 10 campaign. You failed miserably. Your sneaky tactics fooling average Joe and Jane are just shameful. Shame on you.

    • #46685 Reply


      yesterday, 3138612 has changed its category and now flagged as ‘important’ one, for me. i hid it.
      also, recommended 3118401 and 3121255 updates was rereleased.
      PS: win7pro x32

    • #46686 Reply

      Da Boss

      So you installed KB 3139929, and you did NOT get KB 3146449 in the installed updates?

      I’m going through the same exercise right now.

      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…..

    • #46687 Reply


      Yeah, wusa /uninstall /kb:3146449 /norestart said it wasn’t installed and a search on my drive found no trace of 3146449 either, so dunno. Not taking any chances with that IE update. Too fishy for me. Maybe next months IE patch isn’t soiled, let’s wait for that one.

    • #46688 Reply


      Has this worked out for you? I am very curious to know the results coming from others.

    • #46689 Reply


      I talked tro MS today and he send some cmds to my email to disable this win 10 update, you just paste the cmds into cmd prompt, I ran cmd prompt as administrator just in case.

      1. Deactivate Windows 10 update

      reg add HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdateOSUpgrade /v ReservationsAllowed /d 0 /t REG_DWORD
      reg add HKLMSOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdate /v DisableOSUpgrade /d 1 /t REG_DWORD

      2. Activate Windows 10 update

      reg add HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdateOSUpgrade /v ReservationsAllowed /d 1 /t REG_DWORD
      reg add HKLMSOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdate /v DisableOSUpgrade /d 0 /t REG_DWORD

      Are you guys familiar with these cmds ? I was thinking if that is enough to prevent it from installing win 10 updates ?

    • #46690 Reply

      Da Boss

      I’m very familiar with those commands. They flip one bit in the registry – and there’s a lot more going on.

      Best bet is to run GWX Control Panel.


    • #46691 Reply


      I already ran the GWX and deactivated win 10, but do I need to have it running in tray monitoring all the time? I see that you open and run GWX directly as it without any installations first so thats nice.

    • #46692 Reply

      Da Boss

      You can use GWX Control Panel’s monitoring feature. Personally, I just have it stuck on my desktop, and I run it whenever I let MS install anything.

    • #46693 Reply


      Like many others, I’m having trouble with Windows Update. I just did a fresh build of Windows 7 SP1, 64 bit on an HP with an AMD A8 PRO-7600B. I tried WU immediately after updating the device drivers. That was 5:00 yesterday. This morning at 9:00 it was still searching. Some research hints that KB-3138612 may correct the problem. Except – Microsoft’s download site seems to be down. Could someone possibly direct me to a location where I can actually get the patch? What I’d really like to have is an answer that always works because I build a lot of computers.

      Thanks for any info or insight,


    • #46694 Reply

      Jon Marshall

      Here are the links to download both x86 and x64 versions of the Windows Update Client for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: March 2016


      All supported x86-based versions of Windows 7


      All supported x64-based versions of Windows 7





    • #46695 Reply


      Help! My computer installed kb3138612 without my permission so I tried to uninstall it….now it’s just hanging on “preparing to configure Windows…do not shut off your computer.” What do I do? Am I completely screwed now?

    • #46696 Reply

      Da Boss

      Naw. You might even be glad you have it – given the association with speeding up downloads.

      Unplug your computer if it hasn’t come to its senses. Don’t try to uninstall kb3138612. Just run GWX Control Panel and unlax.

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